Mothers Day at Danckert's is always a big occasion. Being one of, if not THE, peaks of the year, everyone is running at full steam over the weekend! From our talented team of florists, busy making up orders and serving customers, to our merry band of delivery drivers, delivering those fresh flowers to their recipients, and everyone else in between!

Sometimes the flowers are going to "mums" house, and sometimes they are going to one of the local nursing homes, like Granville House, Dovecote court, Bush nursing home to name but a few, and sometimes they might be going to Sandwell General, or Walsall Manor Hospital, but wherever it is, they are all delivered with the same care and attention....and sometimes, just sometimes, those delivery addresses can be to all intents and purposes totally off the radar!

That's where a little local knowledge and experience goes a long, long way, knowing where the new building developments are, or the little back streets that nobody has heard of are, and the ones that aren't on the SatNavs are! Delivering on Mothers day is also a two day event, as some are needed on the Saturday, and others are for the Sunday, and it's always lovely to see the smiles on Mum's face when she receives the flowers that have been sent to her.

Everybody loves their mum! We deliver to quite an expansive area locally, covering Wednesbury, Tipton, Darlaston, West Bromwich, Great Bridge, Coseley, Bilston, and also some parts of Walsall, so our drivers will be clocking up quite a few miles over the weekend! Back at the shop its usually busy, busy, busy! Most people will have placed an order in advance to be delivered or collected, but there are always "walk- ins" who need something "to go", so we are always doing our best to make sure that there plenty of "pick up and go" bouquets made up in the shop.


Being a family run shop, over the years Mothers Day has usually meant that "Mum" has also had to work.. but thankfully for Mrs Danckert Senior, at 82, we think she can sit this one out! She has been retired for a number of years now, but both Mr and Mrs Danckert always take a keen interest in how it's all going, so now it's up to young Mr Danckert, Philip,and his wife (sounds like "Are you being served"!) and the rest of the team to keep the flag flying for Danckerts Florist Ltd!